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Glass Transport Racks & Handling Equipment

ESCP Corp. is a small business, located in Davenport, IA. We are a Manufacturing Company that is customer-driven and committed to bringing quality and teamwork together to provide our customers with professional manufacturing and related services to fulfill their requirements. Our mission is to provide customized, timely, cost-effective production of manufactured racks and manufactured Glass Racks and component parts to our customers with no defects in a timely manner at a great price. We offer two core competencies: The first is to manufacture reusable shipping racks, containers, baskets and carts. We specialize in making reusable shipping racks for the Glass industry. We make glass racks for shipping float glass from the OEM to the customer who would make that product into door, windows or other glass products. We service OEM’s in the glass industry as well as other glass manufacturers and Glass Distributors. We make large and small glass racks for shipping to customers and we make glass racks for internal use and movement of glass to and from the internal processes inside the glass manufacturers location. We have been making reusable shipping racks for the Glass industry for 24 years.

Industrial Shipping Racks
Stackable Racks
Metal Fabrication
Glass Handling Racks
Glass Transport Racks
Industrial Glass Rack Frames
Custom Glass Rack Frames
Custom Industrial Glass Rack Frames
Glass Racks with Gates
Industrial Customized Glass Rack Frames
Custom Industrial Glass Rack Frames
Glass Racks with Gates
Glass Rack Frames
Glass Rack Frames

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