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Metal Refurbishing & Repair Service

ESCP Corp will refurbish and repair Racks, Carts, Baskets, Tubs. ESCP Corp will refurbish old and worn out stack racks, stackable racks, portable racks, glass racks, shipping racks, shipping glass racks and ESCP will make them look like new. ESCP will bring back to like new condition per their customers specifications. ESCP has refurbished pallet racks, shipping stands, baskets, carts, tubs and containers. ESCP has also modified shipping racks, stack racks, glass racks, cab skids and steel pallets. ESCP has everything in house to do a large or small rack refurb or modification job with no problems.

Here are some 'Before' and 'After' pictures of metal items that we have refurbished. Click on the photos to view up-close.

Before Refurbish


After Refurbish

Metal Refurbishing
Metal Repair
Metal Parts 'Before' Refurbishing

Metal Parts 'After' Refurbishing

Refurbishing Services
Metal parts after being refurbished.
Shipping Stand 'Before' Refurbishing
Similar Parts 'After' Refurbishing


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