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Press Release - 07/2012

Larry Negaard - Military Acquisitions Specialist and Sales
Larry Negaard
New Military Acquisition & Sales Specialist

ESCP Corp. recently hired Larry Negaard as the new Military Acquisition and Sales Specialist.

After 40+ years of Government Service, Larry recently retired from the Military. Aside from two short stints with the Veterans Administration and the Department of Energy, Larry's career has been with the U.S. Army (two years on active duty and 35 years as a civilian).

As a contract specialist, Larry has solicited, awarded, and administered Army contracts with private industry while stationed at the Munitions Command in Joliet, Illinois, the Corpus Christi Army Depot in Texas, and the Armaments Command in Rock Island, Illinois.

Larry has spent the last 25 years of his career actively supporting the Army's Small Business Program at the Rock Island Arsenal.

In addition to ensuring that small businesses received their fair share of Government contracts, he assisted the individual small businesses by explaining the Government's procurement process and aided them in working with Army contracting personnel.

As Chief of the Tank Automotive and Armaments Command at Rock Island (1994 through 2011), Larry established the Small Business Office and received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his career - including the Army Materiel Command's Small Business Specialist of the Year Award.


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